Why Most People Will Never Be Great At FACEBOOK BUSINESS FAN PAGE

Today we will present you with 10 mistakes on Facebook, which you can avoid to run a company fan page. What are the most common mistakes?

1. Inappropriate profile name, preparing a logo for the profile picture once and background pictures just as.


The name must be simple, short, adequate to our brand and as easy as possible to enter in the search engine and remember. If we add any graphic, poor quality and ill-considered profile picture to our profile, we can easily and very unprofessionally present ourselves in social media with our brand. About why the first impression is important we wrote Secondly, we may not have a chance.

2. Forgetting to provide basic data. Complete the Information section carefully!


We add an interesting post, the person enters encouraged by graphics and content. He decides to order a service or purchase a product and suddenly! No phone/email or website address. Effect? Deterioration or worse for your brand – your client’s attention is transferred to the competition. The profile is our showcase, and we do not give out business cards without contact details! Just like printed ones

3. No response to fans’ reactions.

You have a company profile on facebook, maybe you even ask questions to fans and you do contests. Do you write back to questions, messages? Without communication, communication remains one-sided. Someone interacts with you, so appreciate it! According to the principle of reciprocity in your relationships, your profile without actively listening to fans will quickly lose interest.

4. Too long or short description – what the company does, etc.

It is often the case that we want to include everything in one sentence. Then usually you lose your sense, there are no keywords for your brand and the description only shows that you can not deal with the description of your own services, product. Also, descriptions that would easily fit into competing brands should be avoided by a wide arc. Strength lies in simplicity and authenticity. In the description of the profile describe succinctly what is interesting, inspiring and important from the point of view of the recipient. Perhaps it will be your story, your way or just an interesting description of the service and its benefits for the client.

5. Lack of photos and graphics from own resources – using competition graphics or general graphics

Business Fan Page
Business Fan Page

A good habit, do not borrow and if it happens to you, sign who is the author. With your brand, make sure you prepare your own graphics and photos. In this way, you will also avoid problems related to copyright infringement.

6. No original posts

The company profile on Facebook is designed to promote your brand. Too often sharing content from other profiles may introduce chaos and confusion to the recipient. Creating your own content requires more engagement, but in the long run, it will positively affect the image of your brand.

7. Thematic chaos

The proverbial lack of order and composition appears on corporate profiles on facebook very often. There are no thematic blocks, post cycles. It is impossible to determine on what topic the next entry will be. The lack of a delineated communication path is not the best scenario. Communication should have its own schedule and schedule.

8. Color and stylistic inconsistency

Artistic “mess” on Facebook works only with very creative profiles. Usually, it results from not paying attention to the selection of appropriate colours, fonts for your brand. Details mean the most in social media. To stand out, be consistent and consistent.

9. Not using new features and formats provided by FB


Using options such as live broadcast, event promotion, background posts or Carousel type FB posts will attract your brand. Stay up to date with new products and opportunities, which will increase the reach of your brand profile

10. Incorrect posting promotion


You can read about how to create interesting ads here. If you decide to use a paid promotion on Facebook on your brand profile, remember not to do it quickly and without the minimum knowledge. The adequate setting of the target group and advertising parameters is not obvious. You can always use the knowledge of professionals. Does your brand need thoughtful actions in the field of communication in social media?

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