Good to know about the What Is FREE ONLINE COURSES WEBSITE LIST and How Does It Work?

Udemy offers free and paid classes. The level is not always very sharp, but it allows to learn about certain topics on which we are a novice. Udemy covers a very large number of topics with 60,000 online courses.

France Digital University

Only courses in French, and free, on a MOOC format. The site benefits from partnerships with several French universities, and offers about fifty courses in computer science.

Class Central

Class Central is a huge resource for web professionals: more than 1,500 courses in development and 360 courses in Data Science. The site functions as an aggregator and offers courses from different sites.

Open Classrooms

Still a quality resource and in French. The site offers hundreds of courses on various fields. To put in favorites if you seek to train you online.

Quick Code

Quick Code is a real gold mine: the site compiles only free online training. Technologies are classified by major families: AI, Big Data, Chatbot, Cryptocurrencies, Databases, Data, Mobile Development, Voice Assistants, Web Development.

Quickcode io

List of free online computer courses with certificates in India

BDM / skills

A complete aggregator of training for all levels. A complete site with the training of all types accessible online, or face to face throughout France. All in the big family of the Moderator’s Blog!

Training offered by Facebook, Google, and Twitter
Twitter Flight School: the site includes training, especially for advertising tools, and resources (guides, case studies …). Practical and relatively complete to learn about the Twitter ecosystem.

Facebook Blueprint: the training is really sharp and goes around the advertising tool with precision. The purpose of these courses: to make you an advertiser able to exploit the various features. The course catalogue is comprehensive and each course ends with a short review.

Google for the pros: Google training for professionals who are looking to get acquainted with the Google ecosystem. A little light, but nevertheless allows taking good knowledge of the Google tools and the possibilities offered.