Learn what is effective team leadership learn Nine key functions that a leader can use to form a good team.

learn effective team leadership

know about the Nine key functions that a leader can use to form a good team.

1. Highlight group recognition and rewards
2. Identify and build based on the strengths of the whole
3. Build trust and a standard of teamwork
4. Strengthen the capabilities of the group to anticipate and deal with changes effectively.
5. Confer authority to the group to carry out its work with the least interference.
6. Inspire and motivate the team to reach high-performance levels.
7. Recognize individual and group needs and meet them in a timely manner.
8. Encourage and support team decisions.
9. Offer teams a job that represents a challenge and motivates them.

effective team leadership

Nine functions of the organization in the creation of effective teams.
1. Unconditional support from senior management.
2. Information and adequate resources.
3. Flexibility in the structure of tasks.
4. Appropriate size and members.
5. Mission and objectives clearly defined.
6. The adequate shared power structure, shared leadership.
7. The leadership of a competent team.
8. Evaluation and request for feedback on the effectiveness of the team. 9. Adequate socialization of the members.

Source: Christopher F et al (2002). Leadership: Theory, Application, Development of skills. Mexico: Thomson