Let’s know before you Want To Step Up Your LEARN MARKETING WEBSITES? You Need To Read This First

In the life of every man comes the moment when he reaches out to him that he would like to know more. It was not different in my case. A few years ago, I decided to learn marketing. I believed in the power of books, podcasts and blogs, but I still had little. Then I discovered another method of acquiring knowledge – free online courses that allowed me to get to know such tools as Google Analytics, Adwords (now Google Ads

In this article, I’ve collected 8 free online courses for you that will instantly prepare you for new challenges 🙂 

The need for a specialization
This solid technical background is necessary. To acquire the skills specific to each web marketing profession, it is essential to specialize. A web editor needs to know the basics of SEO to write optimized text, he does not necessarily need to know how to do a full audit of a website. On the other hand, he must master the techniques of interviews, collection of sources or even watch to be competent.

The third year of the bachelor’s degree, followed by the master’s degree, will strengthen e-business expertise, web marketing and social media, web development and web design, information systems and digital marketing. This specialization allows the student to enter the job market serenely and ready to work independently. It is a decisive training time to acquire all the necessary skills. This is why these years are exercised alternately.

Community management trainer for the 3rd year of My Digital School’s Bachelor web marketing & social media, explains: ” Some students are alternating in large national companies, where they have integrated into a team with specific missions for advance a comprehensive strategy. Others are in startups or SMEs, in small teams with more transversal and operational missions.

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  • Google Academy for Ads
    Absolutely the best place to learn Google Ads and Analytics. A huge plus is the extensive entry module to the subject, finished with a test. At the end of each course, there is a 90-minute online exam that will get you credited from Google!
Google Academy for Ads
Google Academy for Ads
  • Udemy
    Do not be discouraged by the main page where prices can be seen. At Udemy you will find lots of free online courses that will provide you with new knowledge! 🙂
  • Alison
    Over 800 courses with an average time of completion of 2-3 hours, help to gain knowledge comprehensively.
  • LinkedIn Learning
    Free, but only for a month. Unfortunately. I will add to the consolation that the courses are prepared really well and thought out. I learned sales from them! 🙂
  • HarvardX
    There is not a lot of marketing here, but I decided that I would share this website. I highly recommend the course on data visualization especially 🙂 The participation is completely free.
  • CodeAcademy
    A great initiative and a really well-designed program of activities. A few years ago I tried to learn more about programming and despite an unsuccessful attempt to become the second Bill Gates I managed to acquire a solid foundation, which I use to create facilities for SEO or to improve websites such as this blog. PS: it’s worth to code at least a bit, and the basics are very easy to explore.
  • Akademia PARP
    I have not tested myself personally, but the website was recommended to me by my cordial friend, whose business has actually grown after having done several courses. Maybe worth? Dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Coursera
    University knowledge at your fingertips. From music, through physics to marketing. In the “marketing” section, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing and many more courses are available. Check it out!

PS: People will help you!
If you want to gain more knowledge, look for interesting people above all. By entering discussions on forums (or facebook groups) you will have the opportunity to test your knowledge in practice, and any other missing members will be able to reprimand you. There is nothing to be afraid of! Register on the forum or Facebook or LinkedIna and completely change your career 🙂

PS2: Online courses or stationary training is also a great way to learn. As part of such training, you have unlimited access to an expert who offers you all your attention. If you have time and money then I strongly recommend you test this option. Maybe you can use the budget from work? For example, learning a language? 😉

PS3: At first glance, you may think that the pages that I mentioned above only concern marketing, but you just have to delve into these websites to see that they are about education in general. You can learn to create furniture, make a list of responsibilities, learn about the rules of the world, collect information on any subject! Everything you can learn can be formalized with a certificate. All you have to do is want it! 🙂