Let’s learn about The Number One Reason You Should Do ONLINE COURSES BENEFITS AND LIMITATIONS

What are the benefits and limitations of online learning
Asking an eLearning pro to determine the limits of e-learning is like asking to list the negatives of the game of chess; how can we denigrate one of our passions?

Nevertheless, to be fair, online training could actually have several limitations, especially if it was not designed properly. In this article, I will share a full list of the benefits, but also the possible limitations of online learning to give the overall vision of an eLearning project.


The 5 benefits of online learning

  1. Practice
    This is probably the biggest benefit of online learning. With a computer and an Internet connection, it does not matter which part of the world the learner is in. Indeed, he can access information from anywhere, at any time. Distance is no longer an obstacle to learning whether academic or professional. Thus, it is possible to reach an unlimited number of employees quickly. And this, regardless of their place of assignment. This is a huge advantage for businesses around the world.

  2. Flexible
    It’s really very simple; learning is easier when it adapts to the learning needs and preferences of each learner. E-learning allows learners to study at their own pace, whether they are simple students, busy adults, or employees. In addition to deadlines for assigning homework, your learners are free to set up their agenda as they see fit. In addition, they can take their lessons anywhere: at home, on the bus, in a park, if they have a mobile device with them.

  3. Cost-effective
    Especially in the case of corporate training, the profitability of online learning is impressive. In fact, there is no need to spend on travel or accommodation for trainers and employees, online content is reusable, and there are no more costs to buy equipment or teaching materials. If your business has an online training budget, online learning is the best option for you.

  4. Adapts to different needs
    We all learn in different ways, and e-learning does everything in its power to ensure that learning needs are met. The instructional designers s and eLearning professionals create online courses that meet all learning needs and adapt to individual preferences. So, it does not matter if your audience consists of visual, auditory or kinesthetic learners; There are a variety of methods and tools that can be used while satisfying all needs.

  5. Immediate results
    Not only are your learners able to start their course immediately, but they can also see immediate results. Whether autonomous or with a trainer, e-learning offers a variety of ways to give constructive feedback to learners. In addition, it allows access to additional online resources, which is always a bonus.