Know about more The Next 3 Things To Immediately Do About FREE ONLINE COURSES

On the occasion of our special week dedicated to the training of web professionals, we have prepared a selection of sites and resources to train you. These different sites are training specialists who offer quality and free content. We have also added training offered by Facebook, Google, and Twitter. They allow being professionally operational on their tools. Do you know other quality resources? Feel free to add them in a comment. And for all your training, do not forget to use BDM /skills, the training resource for web professionals!

Khan AcademyFree online courses with certificates of completion

A classic: everything is free, and the classes are of excellent quality. The category “Computing” for web professionals is particularly provided.


Hundreds of free courses on different themes: Android, Data, iOS, Machine Learning, VR, web development … The courses are classified by level and are very well done.

Udacity online
The Next 3 Things To Immediately Do About FREE ONLINE COURSES


This platform brings together the courses of several renowned universities: MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, UBC … All courses are free, and you can train in Computer Science. Nearly 500 courses are accessible.


Still a quality resource with comprehensive courses under development, with a “final exam” and an assessment.


The site offers a lot of training and free MOOCs. The best universities offer these different courses which are complete and serious. They concern various fields: development, blockchain, deep learning …