Know about the earning languages ​​in Spanish online in the year 2020

Learning languages ​​online does not mean just learning them in classes and courses, there are other fun alternatives to learn even more, for example, blogs to learn languages.

There are bloggers and bloggers who have turned their hobby, their love, or their language training into the main theme of a blog in which they share their knowledge and in which they intend to help others learn languages ​​or, at least, to lose their fear of these.

The number of blogs to learn languages ​​in Spanish is very high, but today we are going to highlight some of the most original, curious, practical, complete or friendly.

How many of these 10 interesting blogs to learn languages ​​do you know?

The Hexagon. Who would not want to visit France after discovering the complete guide on this country that is this blog? In it, language learning is only part of the contents, which are completed with destinations, parties, customs and characters. Come on, that it is possible to find everything you need to be well prepared to study or live in the neighbouring country.

Yentelman. “The blog where you will learn English, and if you neglect, even Spanish” With this nice promise begins each of the posts in this blog in which users can discover different aspects of the English language. His humorous approach makes it very easy to see English with other eyes, after reading some of his posts, who can be afraid to learn English?

Germany behind the scenes. In recent years, German has strongly entered the ranking of the most studied languages ​​and one of the reasons is that Germany is an interesting destination for work and living.

This blog tells the stories of a young woman who emigrated to Germany, so, in addition to learning German, this blog serves to discover many things about what it means to live in Germany.

Attention to its German section, the dirty rags of the country.

The English house. Learning English in a fun way is what the editor of this nice space promises in which the most interesting thing is not only that you can learn English, but that the author of the entries uses her own experience to solve those small typical problems with the language.

Italian. This blog is a very complete compendium of ideas for learning Italian, but it is also an excellent source of resources for teachers who teach this language: exercises, activities, games and, of course, tips for living in Italy. You need another language

If you are looking for reasons to learn a language, you will not be missing here. If you are thinking of learning another language, but you don’t know which one, here you will find many ideas. Resources to study, practical information and tips to make the project of learning languages ​​a reality within your reach. The language blog. Well, that is not a blog dedicated to a single language, but to language learning in general. Best of all is his advice to lose the fear of learning languages, although for those who are interested in learning a specific language this space is most interesting thanks to its lists of expressions, movies, series … Sosiegoblog

That teacher decided to learn Japanese, but the thing did not stay there and she thought that the best way to learn it “well” was to share when she was discovering about this language with other people interested in learning Japanese, from this idea this blog was born in which she shares your experience Words for Madrid. With Madrid as a scenario, the teacher who writes in this blog presents curious places in the capital and makes them the perfect excuse to analyze our language and make a little clearer some of those expressions that are so difficult for a foreigner to understand. Tradhumanists

Ok, it’s not a blog to learn languages. Or yes, because among its entries it is not difficult to find articles that analyze how languages ​​are learned and how fluency is acquired, the importance of learning languages ​​in context, things that happen in class and much more. And if that were not enough, they analyze the world of humanistic translation and show all the outputs of the profession of translator and interpreter.