Learn the Identifying High Potential Employees – Keep Top Performing Employees In Your Team.

They are defined as groups of people, very well prepared to analyze and decide, which are established with long-term criteria and aware that they are a strategic tool within the organization.


Identifying High Potential Employees

Its members, representative of the different strata and functions of the company, exchange information, criteria and attitudes with total support for decision-making, each aware of the presence of others; oriented to achieve objectives and interests of the company, with high commitment, involvement and cohesion, generally under the administration of a leader or driver.

High Potential Employees

Keep Top Performing Employees In Your Team:

  • High sense of purpose or shared vision of the future.
  • A high level of trust and interpersonal disposition.
  • Advanced respect for individual differences.
  • A great development of open multipolar communication.
  • A genuine need for sustained and optimized learning.
  • Systematic development of flexibility, adaptability and willingness to change.
  • The systematic practice of effective work methods.
  • Operational strategy of shared leadership.

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