How To Turn Your LOGO FOR BUSINESS From Zero To Hero The logo matters. Why are you bigger than you think?

And what do you associate Coca-Cola with? Is not it just white and red? A little twisted font. We all know the characteristic Coca-Cola logo.

Adidas? Three stripes. Nike?

Exactly … who among you knows that in this – one of the simplest logos in the world is a skate? 
It symbolizes dynamics and fully reflects the sports character of the company.

What does your client pay attention to?

The logo is a graphic representation of your company. In fact, the logo is the first thing your client notices.

Do you remember 3 seconds?


Exactly. On average, in 3 seconds, we develop an opinion about someone / about something based on our so-called “First impression”. 
In addition, good design helps in creating brand recognition. Why? Coca cola and a red festive truck

And seriously – because its basic functions are to inspire confidence or recognition for a company or product.


The logo should be simple, easy to remember, timeless and universal, at the same time arousing the feeling that will make the target recipients want to be associated with your company. Adidas  Logo is strength.

Studies show that people remember pictures much easier than texts.

That is why it is so important that the logo is professional. Before the customer makes contact with your brand, his first contact will be on the logo level.


After all, each of us would like to make a good impression 


If your logo will be original, interesting and will attract the eye even for a moment – you will probably win against the competition in the race for the customer 

You know that it often happens that the recipients remember the company’s logo, forgetting its name completely?

Admit it.

Certainly you’ve had it too often. “This company with a green leaf …”

The logo has been the same for years? Not necessarily.

Coca-Cola has changed its Coca-Cola logo since 1887, already 7 times.

Sometimes it’s worth refreshing the logo. However, too frequent changes in the brand image are not recommended, because they can confuse the recipient – the client will not associate the new identification with the brand he has recognized so far.

So when is it worth changing the logo?

Certainly when the current mark has become obsolete and looks archaic against the background of current projects. The new logo will also be useful when the company changes or extends the nature of the business. A refreshed image will definitely interest your customers.

What else is the logo?

Logo Maker

An element of visual identification. The whole image of your company should be coherent and must co-exist with existing models, or new, coherent materials should be created. With each contact with the brand, the customer should receive a consistent message. In this way, it will be easier to remember your company and associate it with the values ​​you want to convey.