How To Make Your Product Stand Out With INSTAGRAM ALGORITHM – Instagram has changed the algorithm for displaying posts! What does it mean?

What exactly will change? Will your company’s posts stop being visible to others? Will they reduce the range again?

Some time ago, it could be noted that Instagram began to cut off the possibility of reaching a wider audience. Posts had more than 4x a smaller range, and the number of followers were notoriously declining.

Up to now, the posts have been sorted chronologically – from the newest to the oldest.

For the first time, Instagram released an official statement as content is now displayed and what impact on coverage.

Check how to improve visibility and what to focus on to gain new customers.

Some time ago – about two years ago, users first complained about injustice in favour of posts from other accounts. Until now it was not clear and it was quite embarrassing because nobody knew what exactly affects it – and how can it be that the profile with 100 followers in one week lost about 5-10 people despite continuous activity?


According to tech curnech website, 70% of entries from the profiles they observed were lost to the previous algorithm. Creepy data! In response to the bullying of the Instagram society, this is now going to change, because the new algorithm (from their announcements) will completely change the way you use the application.

What is changing?

First – interest.


The Instagram algorithm will determine how you engage in individual content. It will also be important that you were interested in similar posts in the past. Specifically, it’s all about likes, comments and time. Interestingly, the system will also assess the actual visual content of the post, which is facilitated by the new Instagram recognition tools. Interesting! 

Second – chronology.

Instagram will also pay attention to the  current status of the post . Some instagramowicze claimed that they see too much old content. We will not see anything that was published a long time ago. Many times I happened to scroll through the board and see some movies / posts that were added several / dozen days ago. In summary – our observers will see our posts on their board for a few hours, if not minutes.

Thirdly – build relationships!

In our opinion, this is a great thing. And really the most important factor.

This algorithm will determine the  degree of relationship with the user, based on how much you have been involved in his posts in the past and vice versa. These factors include typical interactions: comments, likes, messages or markings (both in insta stories and photos). 

Fourthly – the image.

What does it mean? Instagram will put emphasis on what is actually in the picture            – in contrast to the imprecise hashtags that are often used by users only to spread their reach. Example? Do you remember “#followme” “#followforfollow” “# like4like”? Well … big WOW and in our opinion it can be a big plus.


Advice? Focus more on the quality of the photo / cool graphics than on entering (especially these) incompatible hashtags  .

Next … Frequency.

The more often we use the application, the more Instagram will refresh our channel to present our latest content. Cool! We are starting to spend much more time on IG.

What about the observers?

The more accounts you follow, the greater the variety of posts displayed.


How you use Instagram is important. We already know that we have to add nice graphics and photos, build cool relationships (which are often just interesting networking). It turns out that the average duration of sessions on IG may change the order in which posts are displayed. If you enable the application briefly and often – they will direct you to the most relevant posts added in the shortest time. However, long “sitting” at the IG undershoots that we will see interesting news from various sources.

Something else?

Yes! Watch what you like. If you’re looking at photos more willingly, you’ll see fewer movies and vice versa.

In addition, IG distinguishes between content – between private and company accounts.

Our opinion


We love it in this application that puts a lot of emphasis on building strong relationships and communicationBe it private or business. We get to know a lot of new people from different corners of the world. Engagement is also important – which, incidentally, later translates into relationships. You’ll love post -> will look at your profile out of curiosity -> she will observe (as gratitude / or just like her profile) and so we start to build a relationship. And, but the element of image recognition. A bomb for us! Facebook has been working on its image recognition tools for some time now and it is getting better and better 

In addition, even for private accounts, the biggest plusikiem is that we decide for ourselves what we want to watch, how often depending on how we use it.


We are on YES! 


What do you think? We are interested in your opinion!