Learn How to Earn money as a student teenager online and offline without a job.

Studies are not a school in which we sit day by day between 8-16. There are fewer classes at the university, often only 4 days a week, which means more time to spend. So what to do with it? Of course, spend on work! Earning a college degree is part of the preparation for “adult” life, but above all, more account receipts are important.

Today’s entry will be just about how to earn some extra credit while studying and I will give you 5 examples that I’ve tested and my friends know. I invite you to read 🙂

How to Earn money as a student teenager
How to Earn money as a student teenager

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How to make money while studying – or dilemmas of a student

While junior high school is a good time to catch the first odd job, it’s worth studying a more stable form of employment in college. This is because the student’s lifestyle allows it – greater time flexibility and significantly less load during the semester (students of the technical university – do not I know something?). If we add to it a greater maturity (usually) and a greater demand for cash (always), the result is simple – it’s time to start working.

student jobs online
student jobs online

In the largest academic cities, it’s not difficult to get a job – there is a mass of various types of offers, and employers are happy to employ students. All you need to do is prepare and remember two very important rules regarding job search:

  1. You need to know how much you want to earn – thanks to this you determine how much you have to work and for what rates. However, you must be a realist. Nobody will give you 15 USD per hour if you do not have experience and qualifications (I do not have to say what jobs I skip).
  2. No job is disgraceful, but not everyone pays – It is difficult to get a good job without a diploma and experience, but there are many offers that do not require it. However, you must remember that not all are fair and in many, especially smaller companies will require much more than you pay. If you are not against the wall (if you are reading this or other financial blogs and implementing advice contained therein, you should not be in this situation) – look further.

For the second rule, probably some of you will eat me, but I will stick to my own. If you do not respect yourself now, then you will not be respected in the future. I understood this, unfortunately, only in practice when I got my first job. I struggled for very little money, while I could do the same for three times more, even without experience (more on that in a moment). Since then, I have been rejecting all low-paid proposals, even if it means that I will be without orders for some time.

The student has a better way that he has other sources of livelihood (parents, scholarship), and that means that he has some time to be picky. In truth, sometimes it means giving up various pleasures, but now I see that this attitude pays off.

Well, let’s get to the details. Below I present to you a list of 5 popular among students of the competition that practically everyone can do (sometimes you need some oil in your head, but I assume that as a student you can handle it):

  • Work in a call centre – usually well paid (about 12 USD + bonuses for sales), but from very difficult and stressful opinions heard from friends. However, flexible working hours and the tendency of employers to employ students gives employment opportunities.
  • Seller in the store – the level of difficulty and rates depend on the store but just go to shopping malls to find job offers. Usually, it is easier to be a subject than a telemarketer, although it seems to me that there are slightly less interesting offers.
  • Tutoring – The season actually lasts the entire school year, but September and January / February are two periods when there are more helpers. In September, all those who have problems are learning, while students wishing to pass their exams awake in the winter. To lead tutoring you need to have some knowledge and be able to pass it on. In addition, unfortunately, not everything sells (it’s hard to find a student for tutoring with WOS, while Polish sometimes has only a few hours to have 3 people). The rates are different, but 15 to 20 USD / h is a fair offer if you do not have a university diploma.
  • Distribution – Leaflets and distribution of newspapers is the first job for many people. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not particularly difficult, and there are a lot of offers. The downside, however, is the rates – 5 USD / h is not much, and weather conditions are not always conducive. Even so, if you do not find anything else, it’s worth your interest.
  • Taking care of children – There are some offers, but it rather works for women. Taking care of children is not particularly difficult, but it is certainly very responsible. The rates are different (from what I hear about 10 to 20 USD / h), but the work is not particularly difficult.

And what about making money online?

As you probably noticed in the above list, there is no work on the Internet. Why? Because of a few reasons. First of all, the Internet-related industries are saturated – it’s really hard to enter the market, especially if you want to offer your services at a reasonable rate. 

Secondly, it’s hard to work without qualifications and experience – even a copywriter must have certain skills, not to mention web developers and programmers who need to have a lot of specialist knowledge. 

Thirdly, I warn against any clicks on ads, financial pyramids and other suspicious businesses that offer money “for nothing”. The Internet has long been an Eldorado and it is easier to find a job “in the real world”.

Where to look for a job?

There are three basic methods – job portals, advertisement portals and city search. For my part, I recommend the last two methods. Why? Because it’s the easiest way to find interesting offers. Work portals are usually very expensive for employers and many smaller offers do not get there at all, while free advertising portals abound in job offers for students (i.e. rather, lower-end offers, but not only).

Before going to ending student can join the online course to improve self-esteem and Problem Solving and Decision Making Course.

I hope that with this entry I have brought you a bit about earning money while studying. Unfortunately, I have not exhausted the subject in its entirety (especially regarding billing, regulations, etc.), but it seems to me that I managed to convey the absolute basis. However, if there is something very basic, which I have not written about, I am asking you to share it in the commentary