How I Improved My PROMOTE YOUR ONLINE STORE In One Easy Lesson – 5 ways to help you promote your online store

Today, we want to reveal 5 ways to help you promote your online store. You’ve already learned how to create interesting ads, it’s time to take advantage! As you may already know, setting up your e-business is one thing. Effective promotion – second. After all, this business without promotion on the web cannot exist. Wondering how it happens that some online stores are successful, while others are doing well, speaking gently … on average? The essence lies in the promotion of the e-store and thus reaching the potential buyer. How to effectively promote an online store and attract customers to it, so that orders run like crazy? In the following text, you will find 5 key areas that will facilitate the start in the industry and help you start up your e-business.

Social Media

No discussion! 😉Social media is one of the main channels of traffic generation for e-business. Presence in social media offers many opportunities for promotion, building relationships with clients and winning consumer confidence. Keep in mind, however, that not every channel is suitable for everyone. What you should do is determine which one best suits your business and customer group. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or maybe LinkedIn? Analyze exactly what your e-business needs, and you will certainly find the right channel for its promotion. When deciding on presence in social media, you need to remember the prime principle of regularity. Systematic publishing of content is the basis for convincing customers. It is worth establishing relationships with buyers, encouraging you to share opinions and experiences.


E-mail marketing

When planning the promotion of an online store, it is worth considering mailing campaigns. It’s a simple, relatively inexpensive and effective way to reach the customer. However, before you start preparing your first newsletter, you need to build a mailing list. How to encourage customers to subscribe? It is usually effective to offer some small bonus. Rebate code to the store? Or maybe a discount on the first shopping? Recently, it is very fashionable to create groups and provide them with specific knowledge – which the user gets free of charge if they sign up for the group. You will not choose any form of encouragement, remember that the newsletter should primarily be based on a valuable contender. If you send interesting mailings, customers will want to subscribe to them and be up to date with everything that is happening in your e-store. In newsletters, it’s worth differentiating the content by sending, for example, guide mailings related to your products, sales, including information about discounts, discounts and sales, as well as updates informing about new products in your store. Do not let customers forget about yourself, but do it impassively and with your head. After all, you do not suffer from spam🙂

Content marketing

Content marketing in e-store promotion is a venture that can lead to building long-lasting and intense relationships with the customer. Content marketing consists of creating various (high quality!) Content and disseminating them online. What is this content? It will depend on you and your store profile. These can be articles, infographics, presentations, videos or anything else you want to create. Why is high-quality content so important? Among other things, because it is a factor for Google that influences the visibility of the site in the search engine. Content marketing also influences SEO and web positioning, because by using its capabilities, we care for natural linking, which affects the position of the website in the search results. And this is the simplest way for the customer to go to your store.

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Google AdWords

If you can afford to advertise Google AdWords, you will certainly be able to get additional customers along this path. What is the key to this type of activity? Certainly setting the campaign strategy. This can be helped by answering a few key questions: what type of campaign the campaign should have, what products to use, what distinguishes your offer from the competition, what is the monthly budget of the campaign and what the minimum return must be. Properly defined assumptions of the Google AdWords campaign will allow to create a plan of effective promotion and to analyze (and then select) key phrases, estimate the cost of clicks and think about the choice of forms of advertising. The structure of the campaign, the choice of words, places, rates … the possibilities offered by Google AdWords are really very wide.

Google Academy for Ads
Google Academy for Ads

Re marketing

When choosing paid activities to promote an e-store, you should consider remarketing advertising. This is a simple and quick way to reach customers who visited the store’s website, viewed individual products, and even threw them into the cart, eventually not making a purchase. This goal is achieved by displaying special advertising banners on the websites visited by the user. Promotion of an online store with the use of remarketing is a chance to “recover” many customers who for some reason gave up buying. It’s a great way to “remind” the customer about his store and fight for it. Remarketing campaigns can be conducted, among others thanks to Google or Facebook advertising systems, or use the purchase of advertising space in the RTB (real-time bidding) system.

Remember that good promotion is not possible without proper graphics care. Just as the logo is important for any company, such a good design of advertisements or graphics for social media has a significant impact on the purpose of attracting customers more effectively.

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