The meetings take place at all levels of organizations and are used to carry out all kinds of activities. At present, meetings are becoming highly relevant, and their use has become widespread, due to different reasons, such as:

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Effective Team Meetings

  • The great importance attached to communication in general, and to meetings in particular, in all sectors and organizational fields.
  • The greater complexity of the tasks to be performed and the problems raised, which makes necessary the contribution of the knowledge and efforts of different professionals and specialists.
  • The greater participation of workers in all the activities of organizations.
  • The most professional training of workers and especially those who assume management and management functions.
  • The important development of new technologies that allow meetings to be held in a more affordable way, saving important impediments, such as physical distance, and reducing their cost.

Team Meetings

But while meetings can be very useful for the work that groups do and for their development, they can also have negative consequences; Holding meetings that are not adequately justified, unproductive or conflicting can cause not only disinterest in people but also demotivation in the team and the emergence of conflicts between the attendees, which can end up even in the split or break-up of the group.

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