Know about the Find A Quick Way To INTERESTING FREE ONLINE COURSES. The 9 most interesting sites with free online courses and a certificate

For example, with the new year, you are going to start a new job and you want to shine with the skills pumped up with your resume or just long for self-education and broadening your horizons. And just for these cases, we have written a list of the most interesting study portals where you can learn free of charge and seal your knowledge with the certificate, so you will get a nice attachment to your CV in addition to good feelings and new experiences. Beautiful, right? So what are you waiting for?

Free online courses with printable certificates

Google Digital garage

What it is: a Google program that can convey all the necessary (and missing) digital knowledge and skills.

Topics: Online sales, social networks, online marketing, content advertising, etc.

Advantages: You can use both the course and the certificate for your personal growth as well as for the growth of your business, which you strategically help to find the right people.

Hubspot academy

What it is: Another wonderful program, this time provided by the Hubspot server, where you can choose from a wealth of courses with online training and a globally recognized certificate.

Topics: Online marketing and all associated categories.

Advantages: You will appreciate courses whether you are a beginner or a professional. Tutorials are handled by real professionals and hundreds of people are trained every day around the world.

WordPress academy

What it is: One of the world’s most popular platforms for creating simple and effective websites now provides development and web design courses.

Topics: Developed on the WordPress website, but you can also use it elsewhere.

Advantages: WordPress is an essential help for any beginner with creating a website. Thanks to the courses you will discover all its functions and you can create the pages yourself according to your wishes.

About pen 2 study

What it is: A server built by Open Universities Australia, which provides free certified training courses at all levels and categories.

Topics: Education, Technology, Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Medicine, Humanities etc.

Advantages: The courses are clear, take about 2-4 hours a week and at the end you can apply for a certificate guaranteed by one of the friendly universities.

Creative Commons Certificate

What it is: When you are an artist, you are solving how to license your work. And this is the issue that Creative Commons has created a special certificate course for these purposes and under the auspices of Bill and Melinda Gates.


Advantages: You will learn how to protect your work on the Internet and even in the social networking area. You will use the certificate course whether you are a writer, musician, photographer, but also a lawyer.


What it is: A server built by Harvard University and MIT in 2012 aims to expand education around the world. Nowadays, all courses are backed by the most prestigious universities, so the value is even greater.

Topics: All you can remember in different world languages ​​and for each level.

Advantages: Perhaps the largest online course selection on the Internet. The courses are free of charge, the price of the certificate varies according to the selected course.


What it is: Another comprehensive educational server where you can find a wide range of courses for your needs.


Topics: All extremely useful with wide application.

Advantages: In addition to certified courses, you can also take courses with a diploma. In addition, if you do not strictly require a formal certificate, you can settle for a listing of the results that can also be attached to the CV.


What is: The purely Czech educational portal offers courses focused primarily on professional education. Ideal for high school students, university students, active employees and entrepreneurs.

Topics: Business and presentation skills, IT, project management, etc.

Advantages: The server is completely in Czech, so if you are not proficient in English, you will find it easier to navigate. The portal is also purely career-oriented, so all courses are tailored.


What it is: A useful web portal from Czech production and under the auspices of Palacky University will help you to understand the law issues, whether you are actively engaged in it or are interested in self-education in this very practical sector.

Topics : Law in all its forms.

Advantages: This is an online legal course you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, the information you provide makes your daily life much easier.