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All course on the IIGD website is FREE to enrol/join. Many are 100% free certification and for a few certifications, you, need to pay to teacher depend on the cost of the certification. In this process, you need to enrol the course, learn all modules and pass the exam. IIGD provide you GUARANTEED PASSING + CERTIFICATION.

You need to Sign up/Register [Sign Up For Free] from here https://freecertification.org/register/
Click on “My Courses” Select the course and start learning subchapter.
(If you do not view any courses, then open course page and click on Enrol now go back to “My Courses”  and check)
At the end, of course, you will get the certification exam. Now answer all questions 🙂
Once you pass your certification exam! Then click again on the “My Courses
Now you can view [Download Certficate] click on it.  🙂 You will get your certification.
You can share it on your LinkedIn or take the colour print out.

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