FREE Self Esteem Online Certification Course

You will learn the importance of Self Esteem. This course will guide you with building confidence and self-esteem in your life. You know how important in life to know about the Self Esteem. In this online certification course, you will get to know about self-esteem. After taking this certification course your skills, passion and knowledge will be an increase in the self esteem and self-confidence.

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem

What you'll learn

  • Know what Is Self-Esteem? and how to handle it
  • In our life why Self-Esteem Is Important
  • Know the different Self-Esteem Theories
  • Know the number of Factors That Influence Self-Esteem
  • What is the Healthy Self-Esteem - Positive side
  • Know the Signs of Low Self-Esteem - Negative side
  • Learn how to evaluate Self-Esteem ourselves


A burning desire to know about self-esteem
Dedication, curiosity, and passion get to learn about self-esteem, individual's subjective evaluation of their own worth
Notebook and a pen to draw ideas about self-esteem

Module 1 Know what Is Self-Esteem? and how to handle it
Unit 1 Definition of Self-Esteem
Unit 2 Self-esteem sometimes referred to as self worth - value yourself
Unit 3 Self-Esteem Must have Skill set
Unit 4 Get to know Why Self-Esteem Is Important
Unit 5 Learn about Self-Esteem Theories
Unit 6 Well known Factors Those Influence Self-Esteem
Module 2 Good and bad Signs of Self-Esteem
Unit 1 Get know the signs of Healthy Self-Esteem
Unit 2 Lets improve your Signs of Low Self-Esteem
Module 3 Learn how Self-esteem is how we evaluate ourselves
Unit 1 Remember positive self-esteem gives us the strength and flexibility
Unit 2 Learn Love Yourself Better
Unit 3 Start doing - Praise yourself
Unit 4 Learn how to Identify and improve your model
Unit 5 Learn how to do the your "yes buts" for "yes ands"
Unit 6 Value your actions everyday
Unit 7 All the time give yourself hope
Unit 8 Certification exam