First Aid Certification Course

First Aid Training Certification course contains the following, You know how important in life to know about the first aid training. In this online certification course, you will get to know about first aid training. After taking this certification course your skills, passion and knowledge will be an increase in the first aid training.

First aid training course online

What you'll learn

  • How to handle the Emergency telephone numbers for emergency medical services
  • How to handle the Sterile gauze pads (dressings) in small and large squares to place over wounds
  • How to handle the Disinfectants like or Medicines like pain killers (ibuprofen) and antibiotics
  • How to handle the Roller bandages to hold dressings in place
  • How to handle the Adhesive tape
  • How to handle the Adhesive bandages in assorted sizes
  • How to handle the Scissors
  • How to handle the Tweezers
  • How to handle the Safety pins
  • How to handle the Antiseptic wipes or soap
  • How to handle the Thermometer
  • How to handle the Barrier devices, such as a pocket mask or face shield


A burning desire to effective first aid training.
Dedication, curiosity, and passion get first aid training.
Notebook and a pen to draw ideas about first aid training.


Module 1 How to Handel Heavy Bleeding Situation
Unit 1 Bleeding heavily situations
Module 2 How to Handel Head Injury Situation
Unit 1 Head Injury Situation
Module 3 How to Handel Burn Situation
Unit 1 Burn situations
Module 4 How to Handel Unconscious Situation
Unit 1 Unconscious situations
Module 5 How to Handel Heart Attack Situation
Unit 1 Heart attack situations
Module 6 How to Handel Nose Bleeding Situation
Unit 1 Nose bleeding situations
Module 7 How to Handel Snake Bite Situation
Unit 1 Snake bite situations
Module 8 Certification Exam
Unit 1 Lets do certification exam