Online Cricket Foundation Level Player/fan Certification Courses 2020

As working in the sports area and you playing cricket or you want to get cricket player certification?. Its course for working in cricket sports to improve their existing skills to increase their competence in cricket sports.  This online certification course helps you to become or better cricket player or cricket fan.  You know how important in life to be a successful cricket player/cricket fan in your life. In this online cricket player certification course, you will get to know about the cricket game and game basic rules. After taking this certification course, your skills, passion and knowledge will be an increase for sure.

Learn about

  • Twenty20 match
  • One day match
  • Test match

Online Cricket Player Certification

What you'll learn

  • How to start cricket player career
  • How to be successful in cricket-playing
  • You get help working in the Sports industry/cricket after this certification
  • Learn common mistakes to avoid if you are to be a successful cricket player or to become a cricket fan
  • Learn cricket playing tips
  • How to play cricket in a better way
  • Qualities of a good cricket sportsman
  • Characteristics of the successful cricket sportsman
  • Foundation level cricket player certification interview questions


  • A burning desire to become a successful Foundation level cricket player.
  • Dedication, curiosity, and passion for knowing how to become a successful cricket player.
  • Notebook and a pen to draw ideas to become the best cricket player.
    Cricket playing tips/tricks.
Module 1 Learn the Positions in the Game of Cricket
Unit 1 Positions in cricket for Fielding
Unit 2 Umpiring Signals in Cricket
Unit 3 LBW Law - leg before wicket
Unit 4 International Game Rules - Learn Formats of Cricket
Module 2 How score runs work
Unit 1 Top 20 rules of cricket
Unit 2 Cricket certification quiz