What is SEO? Believe In Your SEO TIPS 2019 Skills But Never Stop Improving

SEO – from English Search Engine Optimization means optimizing the website for the search engine. The goal of the actions is to gain traffic on the website that will be valuable to us and also increase the visibility of the website in the search results. Example? I have a transport company in Gliwice. I put on the www.google.pl transport company Gliwice and my first or one of the first pages appears. Story! What does it give me? A huge advantage over the (considerable) competition. Well, who among you is not a few first 1-3 links when looking for something?😉

Positioning the blog allows you to acquire a lot of new and potentially loyal readers – customers! And they, in turn, generate a number of unique hits per page, which translates into the Google algorithm – he gets information that your website/blog is interesting and appears higher and higher.

SEO activities include creating a friendly address, making it easier to search for titles or descriptions, preparing a comprehensible and adequately long content (eg entry) and responsiveness of the site – technical adaptation of the website to mobile devices (phone or tablet).

Positioning (SEO) is not difficult at all, if we can devote some time to it and stick to certain 5 key principles.

How to do it? BLOG.

Post regularly and give your recipients valuable knowledge/tips according to your experience and knowledge. Do you teach foreign languages? Write posts about curiosities, post glossaries or tasks for your readers.

What are the rules?

  • Extract keywords (important) for your post
  • Use your keywords in the title, subtitle description of the post and also in its content
  • Create an interesting, but not too long, entry title
  • When placing a photo, remember the title and include these keywords 🙂
  • Link your previous entry – let them gain more new recipients!
  • Can it be measured?

Yes! When positioning, it is worth (or even necessary) to use tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools allow you to analyze traffic on your website/blog. The installation is extremely simple! This second tool allows you to watch the keywords through which internet users have found the blog or website we are running. Identifying words that are important to readers makes us recognize what content and topics are searched by internet users.

What to watch out for?

As in life. Common sense 🙂Do not exaggerate with keywords. Google has a very intelligent algorithm that can not be manipulated. 😉In the event that we overdo our effect, it can be reversed – the rankings of our site will drop drastically, and in the worst case, the site may be blocked.

What else is important?

Regularity. Continuity and commitment. It’s not enough that we write one blog post. Let’s write interesting articles for recipients, add interesting content. Let’s choose keywords and in accordance with the 5th principles, let’s share our knowledge and build an expert image in our industry!