ADVERTISING BASIC Works Only Under These Conditions – Creating interesting advertising is not easy!

Why? Because today, each of us scrolls through dozens, hundreds of ads or various content.

You could find out about the strength of the logo in the first entry of our blog🙂

According to the data of Dr Dharma Singh Khalsa, the average American meets every day with sixteen thousand ads, logos and brands!

So as you can see – creating an interesting advertisement is quite a challenge 😉

Where to start? To create interesting ads, we must do an advertising brief in the first step.


What is that?

A mini-business plan 🙂 🙂

And quite seriously – Advertising Brief is a document that provides guidelines for creating an advertising campaign. In it, we write information about expectations about the campaign, its purpose or duration of promotional activities.

What should the Advertising Brief look like?

  • What do you do?

In this step, describe who you are, what you do with your business. Describe your competition and familiarize the customer with your product or service.

  • Your target group

An extremely important element! A lot of ads are ineffective precisely because the business owners do not have a specific target group (or target, potential customers). Adequate to your product or service, you need to know who you want to reach. It is important here to determine the location, age of these people, gender and interests.

  • The purpose of advertising

What is your goal? Why do you create an advertising campaign? For example, you may want to convert in the form of a new product sale, or increase the visibility – show up on the market building the company’s image. This is a very important issue that will allow you to choose tools for your interesting advertising.

  • The advantages of your product / service

What makes you stand out on the market? Why customers may be interested in your company? Why are you better than the competition? This is the time for SWOT analysis – finding strengths and weaknesses of your product or service. I wrote that this is a mini-business plan🙂

  • Summary

Be sure to collect everything. Who is your competition, what are its advantages?

Think about how long is the stage of selling a product – is it a seasonal promotion?

  • Expectations

Think what you want. What is your budget available for this and what you would like to achieve with the given ad.

All the above points are a short form of Brief. We can do it in great detail and take care of a long-term campaign that will consist of some stages.

This is already 80% of our success – a hit advertising to our client.

Example of interesting advertising:

My birthday is coming. I am a woman – I like cosmetics, especially natural ones.

You are running such an activity – natural cosmetics – care for women not tested on animals.

Do you believe that you can set an ad: for women, aged 20 – 30 years, from the Śląskie Province, which are interested in care and in addition have birthday in February?

What are you doing? you set a -20% promotion for women who have birthday in February.

What’s next? the advertisement goes to me – I think how nice! I will give a gift and test it.

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BOMB! What other features does an interesting advertisement have?

It must be attractive – because it should attract attention and inform about product features in an interesting way, suggestive, or convincing she understood memorable – “Easily catchy”, concise because it only exposes the most important product features, original and distinctive from the competition, current for as long as possible because it is unethical to mislead the consumer, matched to the selected target group.
MUST ATTACH A GRAPHICS OR A PHOTO! We like to watch nice things🙂
I hope that I was able to convince you how important it is to create interesting ads. This will not only benefit your company or client but also for your portfolio. We’re losing a lot of money in poor advertising – just do a brief and stick to a few rules. And now a piece of paper and a pen in hand – act! Your competition is not sleeping!🙂