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The goal of FreeCertification.Org is to present practical online particle courses to increase the skills to do better day to day life also in professional life.

IIGD provide every one 100% GUARANTEED PASSING + CERTIFICATION option.

The FreeCertification.Org blog post, videos, articles, podcasts and study material lessons help you to increase your skills, grow your knowledge and build your confidence while keeping you inspired about your experience and skills.

The Website

FreeCertification.Org is a community website. To get the most out of our resources, you should become a member. We have several free certification courses.

Once you are signup and member, you will have access to:

Courses – Get access to videos, articles, and study material lessons.
Forums – Discuss with your friends around the world.

FreeCertification.Org Mission

Our mission is to help people learn skills with free certification. Our “IIGD” global team achieves this by creating the number of videos, articles, and study material lessons – all these certifications freely available to the public. we encouraging each to join hands with International Institute Of Generosity Development freeCertification.Org study groups around the world.


Our Journey

May – 2019 started by Padmaraj Nidagundi with 6 Free Certificate courses and 100 students around the world enrolled in 1 month.

June – 2019

Around the world, new students are stated join day to day to website – Social media marketing strategy is developed to make aware of the website to reach more people.
600 new student signed up for the different courses for in the month of June. Created social media presence to reach more students.
LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook

July – 2019

Decided to launch more courses for the different areas also focused on women empowerment courses.
1 team member joined for voluntary in digital marketing.

Dec – 2019


Jan – 2020

New year and new cources are added on th website.


 A Message from Our Founder

I believe in generosity development in each individual. As a human, we have a great set of skills with us! Sharing expertise with others gives us more confidence our-self in life and happiness for helping others to move forward. created an online platform for both student and mentors! using our platform becomes part of generosity development family.

I encourage you to support this website to grow and keep alive. You can help IIGD ( International Institute Of Generosity Development)  in many ways.

Sharing this website on your social media and talking about to your friends.
Donating some amount to pay expenses. ( hosting bills, marketing bills ).
Becoming an instructor and adding a course on the website. 

If there are any topics, courses, study materials you want to add to the site, or if you have ideas on how we can improve this website (or classes) shoot us an email from the contact page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from your feedback.

Padmaraj Nidagundi – Founder of  “IIGD”.

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Again! Before saying “”Hi”” to me, with filling above contact form take your 2 min time, check the FAQ page and also Community Discussion Forum add your thoughts from the mind, ideas and your wish. If you wish to work with us for gaining experience then look jobs page. 

I encourage you to learn with IIGD actively to improve your existing skills and help others using this website. Meet our new team in 2019.

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