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Start Your Certification ( It`s Free ) - 100% GUARANTEED PASSING + CERTIFICATION

Our mission is to help people learn skills with free certification. Our “IIGD” global team achieves this by creating the number of videos, articles, and study material lessons – all these certifications freely available to the public. we encouraging each to join hands with International Institute Of Generosity Development freeCertification.Org study groups around the world.


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IIGD is a non-profit, your support and contribution to keeping us growing day to day around the world. We decided to keep IIGD free with donations given by the individual persons. IIGD team is committed 100% to provide short courses and certifications those exactly fill the gap between market needs and personal needs.





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The benefits of e-learning
Fast, economical, without time constraints, without moving, online courses or e-learning courses alone.

Who can join from a distance


In order to acquire new skills and to improve one’s CV, the choice of distance learning is sensible. Our many online courses are accompanied by a tutor who will help you in your progress.


Attending vocational training through e-learning to acquire new skills can help evolve within the company.


Whatever your situation, you can enjoy the benefits of studying remotely by reading, watching and participate in certification courses.


Student or young graduate looking for a first job? Taking an online course can increase your chances of finding a job. Online courses are an effective way to develop new skills.


Professional reorientation
To change career path, to reorient itself, to get back to work, distance learning is the ideal way to learn while staying at home.

Online courses are very effective because they provide us with access to the best knowledge at a convenient time. We do not have to leave for many hours of training to gain knowledge from outstanding specialists. Online courses allow us to gain unique knowledge in the comfort of your own home.

Online learning is a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practice. Without doing the prepared exercises, we can not count on great results. Online courses also save time. The material that is used to create one course is often a combination of knowledge from many books, as well as the practice and experiences of the person creating the course.

The online course is one of the most effective methods of acquiring knowledge from a specific area. If the course is well prepared, then after it is finished, we should have a new skill. Although the course does not require a lot of time commitment from us, it can be very intense.

In online learning intensity of some issues, after completing the course, we can be sure that we have both theoretical and practical knowledge. Online learning can be much more effective than reading books on a chosen subject because they force us to be active and practice.

We can be sure that online courses will change our approach to learning. Very good knowledge is available to us at your fingertips. Online courses are also much cheaper than stationary training with the same subject. We can also focus on acquiring knowledge when we have time for it.

Without online e-learning, many of us could not afford to acquire new skills. However, let’s choose courses that are well prepared. And such a well-prepared online course should give you a concrete result.